Packaging Mockups, Color Proofing, Press Targets & Prototypes

Implementing creative concepts, designs & ideas into a practical form is known as Imagineering, a blending of the words imagine & engineering. Examples ReproGraphX applies the science and craftsmanship to engineer your creative concepts, designs & ideas into robust 3 dimensional Packaging Mockups, Color Proofing, Press Targets & Prototypes. Blending traditional techniques with existing & emerging digital technologies enables Examples ReproGraphX to cost effectively replicate practically any color, form, texture & appearance.




Packaging Mockups

Tubes, bottles, bags, pouches & boxes are just some of the types of packaging we can create.  We can replicate all packaging effects such as Hot stamp foils, metallics, matte & gloss effects on a wide variety of materials including shrink film. Packaging where a label will not work due to the objects shape such as a tube is not a problem for ReproGraphX.  Rub on transfers along with our other services provide a complete solution.

Color Proofing & Press Targets

Precise reproduction & prediction of colors & effects such as Pantone spot colors, metallic & foils, all printed on the actual stock of your choice. All the processes, effects & more that can not be replicated on an inkjet or laser print.

Prototypes & Models

Custom creation of Prototypes, Factices, Stage Props & Models. We mold, cast, form, program & engineer your designs, concepts & ideas into elaborate, animated or static Prototypes Stage Props, Models & more.