Color Proofing

Color Proofing & Press targets are valuable tools for visualizing the results of overprinting Pantone colors, gauging the contrast of design elements on clear film, accurately predicting the color & gradients on the actual press stock, all of which cannot be accomplished with standard CMYK inkjet color proofs and laser prints.

Color proofing on foils, metallics, transparent or shrink films are standard procedures for Examples ReproGraphX. CMYK or Pantone spot colors can be opaque, transparent or both. We can create spot whites of varying degrees of opaqueness and customize matte and gloss spot varnishes.Our proofs are essential for more than just color approval as CMYK inkjet color proofs and laser prints cannot predict surprises that might surface on the printing press. Our halftone proofs can reveal how the screening for the particular print process can effect the gradients and nuances of the images to be printed. A screened proof will reveal ahead of time if the screen angles chosen for spot colors or CMYK simulated spots have the potential to create a moiré effect.

Examples ReproGraphX’s proofs can be created on the actual stock that the job will be printed on revealing the effect that the stock finish and white point will have on the appearance of the final printed piece.

Matchprint, Chromalin, Dupont Waterproof and Kodak Approval are some of the color proofing devices or prepress systems capable of producing contract colour press-proof targets. Examples ReproGraphX’s prepress proofing systems can deliver a proof to meet or surpass the specifications for any type of color proof imaginable.

A Examples ReproGraphX proof will clearly communicate all the facets of your design, something a PDF or 3D generated rendition can not accomplish.