Prototypes, Stage & Movie Props

Custom fabrication of Prototypes, P.O.P. displays, presentation kits, cases, photography, stage & movie props from raw or existing materials.   Examples ReprographX offers a complete range of indispensable products & services for all your prototyping needs. Services such as milling, turning, molding, casting & engraving all airbrushed to your exact color specifications. Now add custom rub on transfers & graphics to your prototype creation or ours for a result that is indistinguishable form the real thing.

A 36 inch tall replica of a shampoo bottle for the North American product launch of an existing brand. The bottle was created with a hollow acrylic  tube. A solid disk of PVC was turned to achieve the slopping shoulder for the top of the bottle. The interior of the disk was also turned to remove unneeded material to reduce the weigh of the prototype. A bottom was created for the bottle that would provide stability and a low center of gravity. The prototype was airbrushed to match the existing products metallic purple color. Rub on transfers were created with matching Pantone colors & applied.


Working Prototypes of a hand held mobile media device that delivers live video, audio and data to spectators were presented to Formula 1 & the NFL.  Transfers were created with exact color matches for  the F1 team colors & 4 color process transfers were produced for the presentation to all the NFL teams.
A prototype created to demonstrate the idea for a display that would  project out from the retail store shelf systems. Examples ReprographX was mandated to produce the display and design a simply easy to use installation bracket that could be used with existing retail store shelving systems. The bracket had to allow the display to be rotated forward & backwards as well as to be swung to the right or left to allow access to products behind the display.
Mockups created for a submission to a design competition for students. Bottles, vials & caps milled from raw materials with notches on the caps and eyelets on the small vials. A supplied display & tube plus the custom made to specification items were airbrushed metallic & rub on transfers were applied. The student’s design was awarded 1st prize.